29 März 2023
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Anzeige von auf ArcGIS Online gehosteten Feature-Layern in Google Earth Pro?

What is a hosted feature layer ArcGIS online?

Hosted feature layers support vector feature querying, visualization, and editing. Hosted feature layers are most appropriate for visualizing data on top of your basemaps. In web apps, hosted feature layers are drawn by the browser and support interactive highlighting, queries, and pop-ups.

How do you copy a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS online?

Open the map in Map Viewer Classic, click Details, and click Contents. , and click Copy. A copy of the layer is added to the map contents. You can now configure the properties of this layer and save the layer as a new item.

How do I connect Google Earth to ArcGIS?

FAQ: Is it possible to use Google Earth images as basemaps in…

  1. Save the image in the Google Earth application.
  2. Open ArcMap.
  3. From the main toolbar, select Insert > Picture. The saved Google Earth image is imported.

How do I add Google Earth to ArcGIS Pro?

How To: Use Google Earth images as basemaps in ArcGIS Pro

  1. In Google Earth, zoom in to the desired map extent.
  2. Add at least three placemarks within the extent as ground control points, and note the latitude and longitude coordinates of each placemark.
  3. Save the Google Earth map as an image.

What is a feature service ArcGIS online?

Feature services allow you to serve feature data and nonspatial tables over the internet or your intranet. This makes your data available for use in web clients, desktop apps, and field apps.

How do I create a feature layer in ArcGIS online?


  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS account.
  2. In the developer dashboard , click Layers > Create data > New hosted layer (Feature layer).
  3. In the Data Structure pane, set the Geometry type to: Point .
  4. Under Fields, click Add field to create the following fields for the layer of the point layer:

Can I download a layer from ArcGIS online?

Log in to ArcGIS Online. In ArcGIS Online, navigate to the hosted feature layer’s item details page. On the layer’s item details page, on the Overview tab, click Export Data > Export to Shapefile.

How do I use ArcGIS online assistant?

To use the Assistant, go to https://ago- assistant. esri.com and log in using your Enterprise account. Once logged into the Assistant, you will see groups and data associated with your account on the left. This is the data you can transfer out of the current AGOL organization.

How do I copy and paste features in ArcGIS?


  1. Click the Edit tool. on the Editor toolbar.
  2. Click the feature you want to copy. Hold down SHIFT while clicking features to select additional features.
  3. Click the Copy button. on the Standard toolbar.
  4. Click the Paste button. on the Standard toolbar.
  5. Click the layer in which to store the pasted feature. …
  6. Click OK.

How do I add a satellite map to ArcGIS pro?

Add imagery to your project

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, create a project using the Map template and sign in to your ArcGIS Online account.
  2. Click the Catalog pane in ArcGIS Proand click the Portal tab. …
  3. Click the Living Atlas button. …
  4. Drag the Sentinel-2 Views image service to your map.

How do I digitize in Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Line Digitization

  1. Icon on GE toolbar starts digitizing.
  2. Use either stream or point mode digitizing.
  3. When done, save the line by right clicking on it in the Google Earth table of contents. …
  4. To convert to a shapefile, use DNR GPS.

How do I download Google Maps for ArcGIS?

Download defined offline areas

  1. In the list of maps, tap the map that you want to download.
  2. Tap a map area. The map area begins downloading to the device.
  3. Once downloading completes, open the map area and work with it as you would any map in Explorer. You can open and use it whether or not you have a data connection.

How do I download maps from ArcGIS pro?

Take feature layers offline

  1. On the Map tab on the ribbon, in the Offline group, click Download Map .
  2. Click Download. A progress bar appears while data for the web feature layers is taken offline. …
  3. Save the project.

Is Google Maps a GIS form?

Google Maps is probably the most widely used of the GIS platforms. Although it is not necessarily the best tool for complex data visualization, it is extremely robust and easy to use on mobile devices, and is better for the demonstration of routes and journey times.

How do I activate a basemap in ArcGIS?

Look to the lower left of your computer’s Taskbar, you should see a small globe icon. Right-click & „Test Connection Now“. You will connect to ArcGIS Online and the ability to add Basemaps is restored.

How do I create a basemap in ArcGIS online?

Create and share basemaps

  1. Click Add > Add Layer from Web.
  2. Choose either An ArcGIS Server Web Service, A WMS OGC Web Service, or A WMTS OGC Web Service from the drop-down list.
  3. Type or paste the URL for the map service in the URL field.
  4. Check Use as Basemap.
  5. Click Add Layer.

How do I add ArcGIS online to ArcGIS pro?

Use a portal connection

  1. Add a portal connection. For steps to add a portal connection see Manage portal connection from ArcGIS Pro.
  2. In the Catalog pane, click Portal.
  3. Click one of the following: My Content. …
  4. Add the web layer or web map using one of the following methods: Drag the map service onto the map.